Landed Property Charsworth Park
Landed Property Areas in Singapore



Good Class Bungalows are located in only in certain districts and limited to a few properties. There are certain criteria that qualifies a property to me called “Good Class Bungalow”. Some Good Class Bungalow are older than others but the value does increase with age. There are another group of Good Class Bungalow located on the island of Sentosa at Sentosa Cove. This are the most recent good class bungalows built as a form of property investment targeting towards foreigners.

Belmont Park 21 Gallop Road/Woollerton Park
2. Bin Tong Park 22. Garlick Avenue
3. Binjai Park 23. Holland Park
4. Brizay Park 24. Holland Rise
5. Bukit Sedap 25. Kilbum Estate
6. Bukit Tunggal 26. King Albert Park
7. Caldecott Hill Estate 27. Leedon Park
8. Camden Park 28. Maryland Estate
9. Chatsworth Park 29. Nassim Road
10. Chee Hon Avenue 30. Oei Tiong Ham Park
11. Chesnut Avenue 31. Queen Astrid Park
12. Cluny Hill 32. Raffles Park
13. Cluny Park 33. Rebecca Park
14. Comwall Gardens 34. Ridley Park
15. Dalvey Estate 35. Ridout Park
16. Eng Neo Avenue 36. Swiss Club Road
17. Ewart Park 37. Victoria Park
18. First / Third Avenue 38. Windsor Park
19. Fort Avenue 39. White House Park
20. Fourth / Sixth Avenue
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